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Birthday Cakes For Your Celebrations

A birthday party with a magnificent and delicious birthday cake is like icing on the cake. Agree or not, birthdays are all about birthday wishes and cakes. In fact, if there’s no cake, there is no birthday party! A Birthday cake decides the entire mood of the party. The flavor, design, and even the name on the little slices of heaven - Cake can make your mood go from nay to yay. Good for you, we have everything you can imagine as the best happy birthday cake. At Winni, we prioritize celebrating relationships and increasing the already existing birthday excitement on a birthday you might be celebrating for your kid, brother, sister, wife, husband, mom, dad, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Our special birthday cakes will never fail to lure the hungry spirit of your loved ones.

A freshly baked birthday cake delivered to your doorsteps will be taken care of by Winni. With midnight, express and fast delivery options, we deliver cakes in the middle of night for a midnight birthday celebration; we deliver a cake within 30 minutes of you ordering the cake in a few select cities.

At Winni, we prioritize celebrating relationships. Cakes are the most widely available gift options, and no matter what the occasion is, they never fail to lure the hungry spirit of your loved ones. The amazing appeal of the sweet spongy cake layers undoubtedly awakens the foodie in us and makes our mouths salivate.

Choosing a birthday cake

Winni has a vast assortment of birthday cakes available in a wide range of flavors. Even more, you can customize it according to the design and shape you want. Moreover, you can also go for photo cakes, designer cakes, customized cakes, and literally whatever you want! All you have to do is place an order from us.

The fantastic appeal of the sweet spongy celebration cake layers will undoubtedly awaken the foodie in us. 

Birthday Cake by Flavors 

Our catalog includes almost every flavor of birthday cakes you would like to order for the birthday celebrations you have planned for.  

Black Forest Birthday Cake 

Butterscotch Cake 

Chocolate Cake 

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Red Velvet Cake 

Strawberry Cake 

Fruit Cake

Pineapple Cake 

Vanilla Cake 

Blueberry Cake 

Ras Malai Cake

Ferrero Rocher Cake 

Paan Cake 

Gulab Jamun Cake

Coffee Cake

Orange Cake 

Mango Cake

Pistachio Cake 

Gulkand Cake

Kitkat Cake 

Birthday Cake by Shapes

As much as you emphasize flavors, the shape of a birthday cake matters as well. For instance, you can get a heart-shaped birthday cake for your wife or girlfriend. Other than that, you can ask us to bake a square shape cake, rectangular cake, circle cake, or any other shape you want.

Birthday Cake by Design

In case you do not want any regular-shaped birthday cake, you can come up with your own design and we can turn it into an edible one. Designer birthday cakes bring more of a personal touch and make the birthday celebration even better. On the other side, there are some unique cakes that can double the birthday fun. You can go for pinata cakes, bomb cakes, or pull up cakes as well.

Birthday Cake by Portions

For a successful birthday celebration, you have to take care that everything is enough for all the people around, especially the food and cake. If you are wondering how much cake you need for a certain gathering, here’s an idea. However, the portions always depend on how you serve the bread. 

Estimate weight of cake Estimate number of people
½ kg 4-6
1kg 6-10
1.5kg 10-15
2kg 16-20
2.5kg 21-25
3kg 26-30
3.5kg 31-35
4kg 36-40

Birthday Cake by Price

You can not put a price on a birthday, but there’s a tag on flavors. Check out some of the them from the table below. Winni has a range of birthday cakes with prices that suit all budgets. Birthday cake prices at Winni are pegged keeping in mind the requirements of our customers without compromising on quality. 

Cake Flavor

½ kg Price

1kg Price

Black forest cake



Chocolate cake



Chocolate truffle cake



Red velvet cake



Pineapple cake



Butterscotch cake



Vanilla cake



Fruit and nut cake



Rasmalai cake



Strawberry cake



Birthday Cake Delivery in just 2 hours | Winni

Let’s agree, rather than hunting for the best birthday cake physically, it is convenient to place an order online and get a doorstep delivery whenever you want. Thanks to Winni, you can easily order your special birthday cake online, and we will take care of the rest. With midnight delivery, express delivery, same-day delivery, and fast delivery options, we door-ship your celebration cakes whenever you like. In fact, if you are lucky enough to live in some selected cities, we can deliver a birthday cake within 30 minutes of ordering. In another case, we have your birthday cake delivered within 2 hours. 

How to order Birthday Cake Online

Thanks to the internet, we can get everything we want at convenience. On a birthday; right from playing a birthday song to sending a birthday gift or birthday card or a birthday cake you can manage everything with a few taps on your phone. And double thanks to online portals like Winni, that has made surprise cakes and gifting easier than ever to celebrate any occasion. Now, you don’t need to visit stores physically in case you are looking for cakes and flowers. You can just place an order and our bakery will deliver the sweetness and feelings for the celebrations just as you intend. The ordering process at Winni is simple and seamless. You just have to pick your favorite flavor and design from the collection of our birthday cakes. Thereafter, put in your personal details like address and phone number. Thereafter, schedule the delivery, and make the payment. We will deliver freshly baked cake to your doorsteps.

TIP: Make sure to order the happy birthday cake prior in case it needs to be customized (in any way) to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Adding Cherries to your Day

For a perfect birthday party, you need good decorations, which includes birthday balloons, happy birthday hats, a delicious birthday cake, as well as some birthday candles to make wish. On that note, do you know why we blow candles and then cut the birthday cake? By blowing candles, we make a wish for the approaching year to bring the best of it. And by cutting the cake we say goodbye to the passed year and thank for the experiences. For a happy birthday party, make sure to invite people who have been there for you through tick and thin. 

Birthday cakes For Everyone

  • Birthday cake for Mother: Get the best birthday cake for the first person you know. We are sure you know exactly what she likes. So, get the perfect birthday cake for your mother from our wide collection. 

  • Birthday cake for Father: Your father may not be friendly, but he silently does everything for your good. On this day, get a birthday cake for your father and tell him that he is the world’s best dad.

  • Birthday cake for Husband: To someone who agreed to share his life with you and make you happy every moment. Get the best birthday cake for your husband and tell him how much you love him.

  • Birthday cake for Wife: A wife is what makes a house a home. On her birthday, order a red velvet cake and surprise her with an extraordinary gift. Don’t forget, she will give you more than she takes.

  • Birthday cake for Brother: We know how much your brother teases you, but you can always get a funny birthday photo cake with his nickname on it. The best, you can eat most of it!

  • Birthday cake for Sister: A sister is a combination of friend, mother, father, and herself. Get a special designer birthday cake for your sister to thank for every effort she made to protect you.

  • Birthday cake for Friend: No matter how much they mock you, your friends are there in need. For this person, get a personalized birthday cake to thank his existence.

  • Birthday cake for Kids: To mark your kid's birthday, check out our section specially crafted for kids. We have everything, including doll cake, motu patlu cake, spiderman cake, chota bheem cake, and many more.

  • Birthday cake for Boyfriend: If you are dating a man, you know what they like. We can convert anything into edible bread so it will mark you as the best birthday cake for your boyfriend.

  • Birthday cake for Girlfriend: Admit or not, you have to take a birthday cake for your girlfriend pretty seriously. But don’t worry, we have everything she could possibly like so you can tell her how much you care.  

Birthday Cake

Can You deliver the cakes internationally?

Yes, Winni provides international cake delivery services to the following countries - USA, UK, UAE, Canada and Australia. We are in the process of providing our services globally.

How many days in advance should I place my order if I want to send cake abroad?

Our express delivery service makes sure that the birthday cake is delivered on the same day to any international location. You can order 3 days in advance in case you have your cake selected.

How much does it cost to ship a cake internationally?

Delivery charges depend upon the country and the delivery type (same day/next day etc.). Kindly visit the specific product page and check the delivery charges at checkout.

Can I customize my cake?

Yes, you can customize your cake. You can also opt for customizing your birthday cake by providing all the requisites for your customization. 

I want to place a custom order for a birthday cake; who should I contact?

For a custom birthday cake order that is not available on our website, you can contact us at our customer care number - +91-7829463510 or can mail us -

What are the Online Payment Methods to Order The Online cake?

Cash on delivery, debit card/Credit card, and Net banking are some of the most common online payment methods to order cake online. 

What is the most popular type of birthday cake? / Which Is the Most Trending Birthday Cake? 

The most trending birthday cakes are- Arch cakes, Square cakes, Dried Floral Bouquet cakes and Lambeth cakes. 
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